Don't Settle for Anything Less than the Life of Your Dreams


My name is Elaine Morales. I am a Highly Practiced Optimist, Do-er and Transformation Specialist, and here is what I know is possible for you:

  • Feeling peaceful confidence each day, knowing that you are the best parent, spouse, contributor, and human being that you can be.
  • Enjoying every moment of your life, while leaving your special mark on the world.
  • Having your dreams – for your lifestyle, career, relationships, healthy body, and happiness – and your reality be virtually identical.
  • Getting more of what you always wanted, and less of what you don’t.

The “story of your life” is created entirely by you. Are you enthralled by it? If you feel it’s time for a re-write, and you have an inspiring vision for your next chapter, I’d love to to be your guide.


Because it’s not just a daydream if you decide to make it your life.
Train, She’s on Fire

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Creating Space

What space do you inhabit? Is it cluttered or clean? Constrained or expansive? Noisy or clear? Inviting or hostile? Do you leave space in your life for the new and fresh? Are there new people, experiences and opportunities that you would welcome into your life? Do you have room for them to come in? My daughter lies on the floor of her empty bedroom, surrounded by clothes, bags, pencils, moisturizer, college brochures, car keys, a nightlight, snack bar wrappers. “I dumped everything out.” “I see that.” “I have too much stuff.” “True, that.” “I don’t know where to put it.” “Well, what do you need to keep, and why?” The Ultimate De-Cluttering Project – downsizing from a 4,500 square foot house into a 6 x 12 foot storage unit. An important insight I had is that stuff contributes to overwhelm. How much time is devoted to maintaining our stuff – dusting it, washing it, putting it away, fixing it, inventorying it, making money to fix it or replace it? We fill our homes with busy work. And our minds, too. Getting rid of our stuff is ultimately freeing. I found that I gained TIME. I had more room for relationships, opportunities, new-ness. It’s been exciting. What do you stand to gain by getting rid of old things today?   Out of clutter, find simplicity. – Albert... read more

Lose Yourself

Are you attached to your things? What do they mean to you? Do they enrich your life? Make you feel good? Define you? Weigh you down? My mom could not pry that purple-hooded sweatshirt from my tightly clenched fists. If memory serves, she bribed my 12 year-old self to toss the stained, stretched and threadbare sweatshirt that I wore like a security blanket. I get attached to things. Objects hold meaning and memory for me. These familiar items bring a sense of stability as life evolves in unpredictable ways. Who am I without my house, my stuff, the things that define me? I live here. I work here. I eat this. I wear that. This is my car. These are my books. This is what I watch on TV. Every way of being is good, until it’s not. I wanted to grow. To have new experiences. To reinvent myself. I wanted to experience a different reality…and my stuff was weighing me down. A life stuffed with comfort can keep us bogged down by what has been and prevent us from moving forward into what can be. We can’t imagine anything different when our perception is clouded by what is known and familiar. A blank canvas invites creativity. Possibility. Invention. So, I have chosen to make a practice of letting go. It does not come naturally to me. I resist. What if, one day, I need this? What if, without this, I forget who I am? What helps me push through resistance are these more compelling questions: What if, the only way this stuff serves me is to keep me... read more

Enjoy Yourself

Do you find exercise a chore?  Are you held back from health and fitness goals by unpleasant experiences or negative stories about sports, fitness and movement?  From where do you get your exercise prescriptions? Uh-oh – when it comes to the ultimate body care (food and movement), do you get caught up in the dreaded “shoulds?” How can you tell a different story about exercise? How can you move your body in a way that feels really, really good to you? What do you stand to gain from treating yourself to such movement every day? What would you do if no one were watching? How would you move? What would you try? Would you give it your all? What if you learned that everything you think you know about exercise and “working out” – how, when, where, and why – is 100% wrong? What would you do next? Sigh.  I love these questions.   For me, asking questions can lead to a radical re-frame and wildly wonderful feelings and experiences.   I am not built to run. I don’t take to it naturally. When asked to run in gym class, I wouldn’t even try.  I was stubborn that way. Today – I run sometimes.  I have a new perspective. I like running because it is a no-excuses kind of movement. If I have my sneaks, I can stay active while traveling. In fact, running and biking through new neighborhoods have become my favorite things to do as a tourist. I’ve jogged through Hyde Park, along the foothills of the Rockies, around Lake Champlain and up the Pacific Coast. I... read more