"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Time for Change!


What we focus on becomes our reality.

If we really want to see some significant changes in some area of our lives – be it our fitness level, health, relationships, careers, education, or inner peace – there’s no way around it…we have to commit time and attention to the vision and goals.

What we focus on becomes our reality.  When we are unhappy in some area of our lives, and place our focus on what we don’t have, we bring more of what we don’t want into our lives, and nothing changes.   We walk around feeling like we are lacking something, like we’re missing out.

A change in circumstances, a grand transformation, a new miracle in our lives are ALWAYS preceded by an unwavering belief in our vision of a better way.

How do we keep that focus?

First, don’t be afraid to dream.  State your desire.  Claim it.  Write out all the details of your ideal life.  Describe the fit and healthy you.  What does she look like?  How does she feel when she wakes up in the morning or when she walks into a room?  What clothes does she wear?  How does she spend her weekends?  Who does she hang out with?

Next, surround yourself with reminders of your vision.  I create a training log each month with my daily workouts already scheduled out.  Before I take it to Staples to have it covered and bound (I am committed!), I create a cover with inspiring photos, quotations, affirmations, or song lyrics.  It comes with me to the gym each day, and I subliminally receive the reminders of what it is I am working toward.

After talking about her powerful reasons why with me this week, one of my clients sheepishly said, “I should write that down on paper and hang it up all over the house.”  I think she was expecting me to give her a funny look.  I practically jumped out of my seat!  “Yes, you absolutely should!”

(What she didn’t realize is that a few days earlier I went in for my first tattoo.  Akbal is a Mayan symbol that represents the sanctuary inside ourselves where nothing yet exists, and where we imagine our worlds into being.  I now carry with me a reminder that inside me dwells unlimited potential and possibility.)

Akbal - represents the place inside us where dreams are hatched

Akbal – represents the place inside us where dreams are hatched

Finally, begin now.  Begin anywhere.  Start to BE that vision.  If you want a new job or a new body, dress the part!  Don’t schlump around waiting for someday.  Spend time with the people your transformed self hangs out with – the fitness junkies, gourmet chefs, or people who work in your desired field.  Read the books that a healthy, wealthy and happy person reads.

I will share with you something that my brilliant, brilliant mentor, Carlos DeJesus, a lifetime natural World Bodybuilding Champion once told me.  It was an “a-ha!” moment for me that changed the way I thought and acted, and I hope it will serve you.

I emailed him a vivid description of the transformed me that I visualized, as I described doing above.

His response:


Now it’s just a matter of doing what it took to get you there.


If in the present

You have already seen the future

As part of your past

Then while in the past

Capture the process and bring it to the present

Then you will have your strategy

for what has not yet happened


Every Day – do what it took to get you there. 



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